Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Growing Basil

Ok, now I'm usually very good at keeping things alive and growing. My snapdragons outside the front door survived our very hot summer and bloomed through the cold days too. So, when I decided to start keeping fresh basil I didn't think it would pose a problem. I have figured out that when I need basil it was cheaper to still get the large live plant for $3.99. It was much more cost effective than a small package that was about a third of the plant and $2.19. The live plant is also hydroponic basil grown here in Texas. Now, this is my 3rd plant. I'm not terribly proud that the others didn't make it, but for good reason, usually we were heading out of town and they didn't get watered enough.

We shall see how this one does, it's 5 days old.
(From when I bought it of course.)

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The Bailey's said...

You know who's a great person to ask about growing herbs? Nancy!