Friday, September 11, 2009

35 Weeks

Well, we're just about at the 9 month mark. As Jason says, "35/4o" (as in the fraction). Although he thinks baby will be 1 week late. This past month we went on our "babymoon" to Washington. We were able to spend some time with Brian and Emily at THEIR new home, have 2 wonderful days to ourselves exploring downtown Seattle, a weekend with Jason's family for his cousin's wedding, and then dinner with my aunt and uncle that live in the Tacoma area. It was a VERY busy 7 days, but ones we will treasure as the last big trip just the two of us.

I know I am behind on posting belly pictures, so here's a collage of the last few pictures we have taken. It's a bit harder to tell the difference in the weekly ones we are trying to take now, but there is a slight difference.

Sleeping has become difficult again, mainly because when I have to roll from side to side I'm sore and trying to get this belly to flip takes so much work! If I can get 3-5 hours in a row and then about 2 more hours after getting up for a trip to el bano, then it's a "good"night. A couple days this week I've had to take a nap in the morning to make up for lack of sleep at night, luckily I have been able to get those naps in. There was one night that heartburn woke me up because I felt like the burning was all the way up to my ears! I felt like a cartoon character looks when there is smoke coming out of their ears, it hurt so bad. I haven't had heartburn that bad this entire pregnancy.

We have 1 more of our "2 week" appointments this coming week, then we go to weekly appointments. (Fun, fun....) Which means we're definitely in the final stretch (no pun intended). Which also means it's time for everyone to make any predictions on gender, date, and weight of baby.

On our main blog page ( you can click on the link in the left sidebar for and make your guess for $10. All you need is a paypal account. We figured this is the easiest way to have friends/family guess and Jason will update when the little one is here and whoever wins will have the money deposited directly to their paypal account, no need to collect from each person and make sure we get it to the winner in the hectic time when baby first arrives. (You can also go to and do a search for "Straub" to find the pool.)

Happy guessing!