Friday, March 19, 2010

Random Photos from Jason's "Hero"

Here's a few pictures I pulled off Jason's phone when I finally downloaded everything since October! LOL

New Daddy

Our friends the Johnson's put a rolling sign up announcing Evalyn's arrival!

@ Jason's holiday office lunch (early Dec)

One of her first true smiles 12/15

One our trip for New Year's - Evie's & Daddy's first time at Buc-ee's!

My parents' dog, PoGo, HAS to be on my lap when I'm holding Evalyn.

Valentine's outfit and card from Papa and Grandma, Jason's parents.

Ahh, eating out... we don't get to do that much right now because of diet restrictions for nursing Evie. (NO: Dairy, eggs, beef, nuts, & easy on tomato products.)

Look at this cutie!!! 3/2

We love each other lots, even when cleaning the kitchen.

Air Show Preview Night 3/12

Jason's office in the background (under the wing).
They were loud! Aeroshell Aerobatic Team

Nap this morning in her crib - 3/19 - 5 months old!

Nap & Laundry

This is her all crashed out for nap after shots on Wednesday. She has to have a hand up by her paci and loves to shove her face into something, bumper on crib, pillow on our bed, or mom/dad.

This is to show that our weather is beautiful enough to dry her gDiapers and liners outside! Jason tied the rope up and I made them all fit. They dried within an hour and half, could have been less, I didn't go back out until then. The ones on the right post are in the sun because they had stains on them, and sunning them removes the stains! I LOVE sun!
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Neighborhood Kitty

This is a black kitten that likes to lay in our yard. I was coming home last night after church and he/she (not sure) was sitting IN the road, and didn't move when I went by. LOL!

Super cute kitty!

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Evalyn's First Air Show

My Uncle Bubbles, AKA Randy, came down to Brownsville for the Air Fiesta. (He's with the FAA) So when Evalyn and I were working the MOPS tent, it's a changing/nursing station for moms, he stopped by to say hello!

As you can see she loves my dad, Poppie! (In marroon.)

Jason's favorite plane.

Just before Uncle Bubbles had to leave to drive back to San Antonio. We were hanging out at Jason's National Weather Service Booth. (Evalyn's a little tired...hence the yawn...she crashed on the way to my parents and then again at church that evening.)

Helping Dad pass out coloring books, and weather info. (FYI- That's a weather balloon laying on the table, when blown up for launch it is at least as tall as Jason.)

We go again this afternoon, will try to get some more photos. (Of planes and stuff!)
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