Friday, May 8, 2009

17 Weeks Today!

Thursday morning we had another appointment at the doctor. It was a fun appointment because my mom got to come with us! (Since she's off for "swine flu" school closure this week. Silly we know.) When she was pregnant with my sister and I they did not do sonograms unless they thought there was a problem. She really enjoyed seeing her next grandchild for the first time.

I was totally surprised by the fact that I still have not really gained any weight! And believe me, I am TRYING!! I think part of it was because of overnight stay in hospital back on April 15th when they thought my appendix was going bad and would have to be taken out. They starved me for 21 hours because if I had to have emergency surgery I couldn't have any food or drink in my stomach. This was a pain because I usually ate something every 3 hours or I got sick. Anyway, I think I lost a couple pounds those couple days and just gained them back.

Having the sonogram was a lot of fun since the baby is so much bigger! He/she wasn't too active, but wiggled around a bit. We got to see a beautiful shot of the umbilical cord across the front of baby, it looks like a pearl necklace kind of. Currently baby is about 1/2 pound. No change for due date at the moment, still October 16th.

The photo below is labeled to help those that have a hard time figuring everything out. The "dot" in the middle of the belly is the umbilical cord. The position is like if you were looking down on a baby laying down on its back. At the time the head was up on my right side and feet down by my left leg. Jason said, "The picture of the baby looks like a teddy bear." Which is true since the knees are drawn up.

The new question for everyone to ask now is, "Do you feel any kicks or movement yet?" Well, all I can say to that is, "maybe." Since I've never done this before I'm not sure exactly what it feels like. I do feel some little slight twinges in different areas every so often. I had a friend tell me that when the baby kicks, I will definitely know I've been kicked. I look forward to that.

Here are a few things that are going on right now with baby:
  • Hearing is developing and can maybe hear our voices and other noises.
  • Little fingers and toes are now topped by one-of-a-kind prints
  • Moving joints and sweat glands are starting to develop
  • About the 5 inches in length

And of course for those interested, here's a photo of me from this morning and also the beloved "belly shots." And YES I am showing now! My mom said I've hidden it well.

Thanks Becky for some fabulously comfy shorts!!!