Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Family Gathering

Here's a few photos from our family get together in San Antonio the weekend of September 12-13th.

Poppy (my dad) and Cameron watching NASCAR

My mom and cousin Pierce chatting

Cheyanne & Cameron chatting with Uncle Charlie (my dad's brother).

Cameron eating his "puffs"

Lizette, Erin, Cheyanne, Clint, and Jeff (cousin)

Aunt Peggi feeding her grandson and my niece Aery checking out his teeny, but LONG feet.

Jason resting his back while Cameron and Pierce (P3) play.

Belly picture with my sister.

Lizzy messing around with Marmie's shirt.

My mom wanted to take Cameron home, so he is "hidden" from sight.

(He's behind suitcase w/ just legs sticking out.)

My dad and Cameron hanging out waiting for everyone to be ready to leave to drive back home.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby Clint

It's a Boy!

No...this one's not ours! Ours still needs a little more "baking" time. :-)

This past Saturday we rode up with my parents to San Antonio to celebrate my grandfather's 90th birthday that is this week. Sadly, he was diagnosed with full blown pnemonia right before so he was unable to attend the party. We still got to see a majority of the family that decided to come anyway.

I was super excited to see my cousin Erin's new baby, Clint. You'll remember that she was 6 weeks ahead of me for her pregnancy. Clint was born on August 26th. Here's a few pictures we took.

Jason was happy to hold Clint for a little bit and even got him to go to sleep. His response to seeing Clint, "I want one of those!" Everyone else said, "You will soon enough!"

You'll remember my cousin and I took belly pictures together during our pregnancies, well here's one of the last ones we'll take.

My belly is now MUCH bigger than her's!

My sister, Cheyanne, and I were able to take a belly picture before we all had to head back home. (She is due Feb. 2nd)

Don't forget you can cast your vote HERE for your chance to win the pool if you're closest to the right info for baby Straub!! (Or click on the link to the left here on the blog.)
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