Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Music

It's that time of year again . . .

Yes, it's Christmastime!

I have to admit that we started listening to Christmas music a bit early, just after Halloween, but that actually happened because of our long drive back from Houston and we were in the "no radio area" for my car so we started my cd changer. I had 3 of my Christmas cds in there still. I love TSO's music! (That's Trans-Siberian Orchestra for the uninitiated.)

They are wonderful and put on awesome concerts each year. We went to one in Houston back in 2006 with Matt & Beth and we all very much enjoyed it. From start to stop it's a sensory experience. (They have pyrotechnics during parts. Probably Jason's favorite part!) If you've never heard of them before check them out Trans-Siberian's website. Their cds are wonderful because it tells a story as it goes through the songs, so be sure and read the inside of the cd cover if you get one because it adds even more to the music! Just think, how could you go wrong with Christmas music in classical and rock?!

Not only is it fun to pull out the old favorites, but it's also nice to try some new songs and artists. Luckily with some of the blogs I watch and newsletters I get each week I have come across at least 12 FREE songs to download. It has been fun listening to new things, but sometimes I just want the old standbys. You know the ones you grew up with and listened to over and over and over again. You listened to them so much you can sing the first two or three lines of the next song before it even gets to the first word.

My all time favorite for this is an old cassette tape that we always listened to in the car when I was younger. I honestly don't remember the name of it we always just called it the "Chevron" tape, probably because it was back when you got free gifts or discounted items when you purchased gas and that just happened to be one my mom got at some point in the late 80s. The one song that has always been a favorite for us, my mom, sister, and myself, is "Round and Round the Christmas Tree, sung by Bing Crosby." Oh, how I love that song. It breaks into rounds at one point so we all had our own part to sing.

There is one other song on there, "Sleigh Ride" by the Boston Pops, I loved the ending with the horse actually neighing at the end and the whip cracking. (Here's a spot you can listen to a snippet and hear the whip crack. Click on #6 from the M.S. Living cd.)

This puts me in such a good mood and raises my Christmas spirit even more.
Time to listen to more songs.
What songs do you remember growing up that bring back happy memories to you?

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