Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Rockin' MAM Rock-a-Bye Baby Party!

+         =   A Rockin' Good Time!!

I was honored to host another party for Child's Play Party...this time for our little ones at home. MAM Baby Products made this such a fun and exciting way to learn about new products. Thank you MAM!

It all started a couple weeks ago when I received this HUGE box. We're talking almost 5 feet long and 2.5 feet tall! There were so many goodies in there. I was spoiled by them supplying pretty much everything I needed to host a rockin' party! The thought of everything, even the cookie cutters shaped like a baby bottle, teddy bear, and rocking horse and the door prizes for the games!

I invited 10 moms over to learn more about their products. I enjoyed having friends and all their little ones over to play for a couple of hours. We enjoyed snacks, chatting, and learning some interesting facts about the MAM products. I'm surprised how different their new MAM Anti-colic bottles are from bottles just a couple years ago for Evalyn. I even heard one mom remark that she really liked the bottle and it looked like she would be buying a new set to try!

Some hadn't heard about MAM products before and were very happy to receive so many products to try out. The Trivia Game was a lot of fun and we learned a lot. (Did you know 25% of babies suffer from colic?  I didn't!) One mom remarked that she'd like a copy since she's a 1st time mom and it was so informative.

My $75 Package Included:

  • MAM Baby Triple pack Anti-Colic Bottle 8 ounce
  • MAM Baby Triple pack Anti-Colic Bottle 5 ounce
  • MAM Baby Night pacifier
  • MAM Baby Air pacifier
  • MAM Baby Clip & Cover (for pacifiers)
  • MAM Baby Oral Care Rabbit
  • MAM Baby Cooler Teether
  • MAM Baby Bite & Brush
The guests $30 Packages included:

  • MAM Baby Single Anti-Colic Bottle 5oz
  • MAM Baby Single Anti-Colic Bottle 8oz
  • MAM Baby Night Pacifier
  • MAM Baby Oral Care Rabbit
  • MAM Baby Cooler Teether
  • MAM Baby Learn to Brush Set

Snacks for the party.
Getting ready for the fun to begin.

Our wall of fame! So many cuties!

All the goodies ready to go.

Lots of happy moms and babies!

Again...thank you MAM and Child's Play Party!  

Looking forward to the next fun party!