Friday, August 14, 2009

New Sonogram Pictures

Well, I did promise new sonogram pictures. Some are here and the rest can be seen by clicking here.

Since we are now going to doctor's appointments every 2 weeks, we were pleasantly surprised when they did an ultrasound. We've been missing being able to "see" our little one and how big he/she is getting. Usually it's just in for the usual, blood pressure, weight, any complaints, listen to heartbeat. So when we lucked into an ultrasound we were very happy!

Everything is going well. Baby is growing and growing. I've only had 1 day so far where I truly felt like I could do nothing. I had no energy what-so-ever and felt like I should have just slept all day. We are attributing that to a baby growth spurt day, since the next day I was totally fine again. (Good thing too since my baby shower was 2 days later! Post to follow on that soon.)

During the ultrasound baby was face down by my left hip, bottom up by right ribs. They didn't decide to turn over until the very end. Kathy, the nurse practitioner, told us this baby is very much arms/legs! What a surprise with 2 tall parents. (FYI: I was 21.5 inches long when born and Jason was 20 inches.) We couldn't get an angle of the face or anything so the first few pictures are of head, a leg bone, heart/abdomen area, ribs, spine, etc. So I asked if we could at least get a picture of a foot (because I thought it would be cute to go with the one of just the hand we have). Kathy was looking, but then said, "I've got to get out of this spot because it's just WAY to obvious to me!" We totally missed an opportunity to try a humble guess at boy or girl! We are still laughing at the fact that Jason and I were looking for a foot on the screen, we were oblivious to the fact we could have tried guessing the gender! Hahaha! Yes, we still want it to be a surprise, and apparently God does too since neither of us were paying attention!

So here are the latest pictures that we will add to the scrapbook one day:

(Pictures are labeled to help you pick out what is shown.)

These were at the very end when baby finally turned some and could get a profile view at least.

This is our favorite: Baby is sucking their thumb, and the spot just above is a foot!
(See what I mean about all arms/legs?!)

If you look closely you can see baby's nose just below the fist, and the forehead/cheekbone.

Remember you can go to this link
to view ALL the pictures we have and zoom in if you need to see it bigger.

Oh and right after leaving I got a call from the office, they had finally caught up with my file and realized I had not had my glucose tolerance screening, which is usually done between weeks 24-28. (I'm at 31 today, hehehe.) I was hoping to skip it because I truly feel like everything is fine in that area and I didn't want to drink the icky drink and sit for an hour and be a pin cushion. But, I was a good girl and went the next morning. My mom was sweet and went with me to sit and wait so Jason could at least have 1 morning to himself on his days off. I survived it, and will know beginning of next week if I passed or not. (If not I have to go do it all over again and sit for 3 hours! Let's pray that doesn't happen.)

Next week will mark the beginning of month 8! New belly picture then, and we'll probably start weekly ones at that point.

Thanks for taking the time to read/view all of this!
We're very thankful for all of our family and friends praying us through this special time.