Thursday, August 11, 2011

Phineas and Ferb Movie Screening Party

WOW!! From the beginning we were so excited to be chosen as a host for the First Ever Phineas and Ferb Movie Screening Party by Child's Play Party. I actually went to the "Bullseye" store and found a few items in the $1 section. Sadly they were sold out of most. I picked up some magnetic notepads and post it notes for the moms coming since I knew Disney Channel was providing the swag for the kids. (Masks, temporary tattoos, sling backpack with buttons and stickers!) I wanted something that could hang on the fridge at home and remind the whole family of what a fun time was had.

I actually used a Phineas, Ferb, and Perry mask to hang outside from the trees to alert people where we lived so the house was easy to find. (Sorry no picture...a couple of them disappeared during the movie to the 2nd Dimension I guess.) Guests were greeted with a locker wipe off board inviting the come in and join Agent P's gang.

Once inside we had a mom stationed at a bowl of water with scissors for tattoo application. HUGE hit! Each child had at least 1-3 put on and they still were able to take home some in their bags also.

I tried to theme my snacks around some of the episodes I remember and loved. Here's the snack table run down:

The Lemonade Stand

Mr. Slushy Dawg's Mini-Dawgs

Apple Pie - "Anyone want pie?" (Quote from end of some episodes. Snacks already there with pretzels.)
(Notice the Platypus egg?) :-)

My husband even came up with his own Dr. Doofensmirtz invention - The Bubblinator! The kids LOVED it!And you'll notice that Perry is "attacking" Dr. Doof in this picture.

Now on to the show!

Trivia questions prior to show starting...thankfully they weren't too upset I mute the episode that was on just prior to the movie. ;-) Bribes of lollipops will do that I guess.

Kids and parents enjoying the movie.

Final poses after the movie of kids with their masks.

We all had so much fun and many of the mom's later posted on Facebook that they REALLY enjoyed it, not just their kids, but them too. Thanks Child's Play Party! I hope to host another party in the future!

Even my daughter, who's only 21 months old loves Phineas and Ferb! When she hears the theme song play she comes running in, "Ferb! Ferb!" And she also now says, "Where's Perry?" and signs it too! (We're teaching ASL as a 2nd language.)

Videos to follow in 2nd post.