Thursday, June 11, 2009

21 Weeks

Our appointment today went very well. I started the morning off thinking the appointment was at 8:45 am, on the way there I double checked my calendar.... oops.... 9:45 am. So we went over to Dean Porter Park (by the zoo) and sat by the resaca and watched the ducks and seagulls for a little while. Quite entertaining. Then back to doctor's office by 9:30ish and was out by 10:10 am! Love my doctor.

Did all the usual, blood pressure (116/80) and weight. I've gained about 3 lbs! Woohoo! (This is big for me since I have not gained any the entire time and I was starting to wonder what was going on.) We listened to the heartbeat first then went to the other room for sonogram. Baby is so much bigger than last time, at least it definitely seems that way. I know I feel him/her moving around a lot more.

Baby is growing just the right amount. At 1 pound already. We told the doctor before sono that it is supposed to be a surprise so not to say anything. She said she wouldn't even look, but we both know she went over the area just to check the entire baby, sadly she was too quick and even with eye strain we didn't see anything. =) It's going to become a game for us whenever we go in I think.

Here's the two photos we got today:

Head and belly shot

We got this one because the doctor said the hand picture was just too precious to not have a copy of.
So hello from baby Straub to all of you reading this!
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PogosMother said...

Hello little one!!! We can hardly wait to meet you! Love, Marmie & Poppy

Sheila B. said...

Awe... that's tooo awesome you guys!! We'll continue to pray for a nice pregnancy for you and a healthy baby. I'm excited for ya'll!! EEEEEEK!