Saturday, June 27, 2009

6 Months

Friday marked the beginning of 6 months and entrance into the 3rd trimester. I'm currently up in Arlington, TX at my sister's house for a long weekend. My cousin, who's 6 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy, had her baby shower today. It was lots of fun! We have been looking forward to the shower since Erin and I wanted to take "belly" pictures together.

First, photos of me at 24 weeks. Jason was taking the picture and said, "Where did the moulding go?!" So here is a photo at 20 weeks and then at 24 weeks.

This is when I first got to my sister's house and sat down with my nieces and nephew. Cameron is 6 months old, Aery is 5 years old, and Lizzy is 10 years old.

My cousin, Erin, and I for our first true belly pictures. She is 30 weeks and I'm 24 weeks.

And finally, this is the 3 pregnant ladies at the shower. Erin, myself, then my sister, Cheyanne (due in February).

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PogosMother said...

What three beautiful young women!! Love you all...