Friday, May 29, 2009

20 Weeks: Halfway There!

Today marks 20 weeks, AKA halfway there!

Not too much going on for us. I've had some lower back pain this week which I think can be attributed to baby wanting to renovate their condo and make it bigger. It hasn't been very fun, but it seems to have tapered off since yesterday morning at least.

Other big news is I can definitely feel movement. Last night Jason and I were talking and I got a nice little punch/kick to the middle of my gut. Definitely knew at that point that it wasn't a gas bubble doing that! It's nice to enjoy the little flutters every now and then. Jason is very excited for when he get to feel baby move for the first time.

This is about where baby is at right now: Size of a cantaloupe!

Here are the fun belly shots:

This is what I look like right now.
There is enough of a bump that I feel like I'm showing, but I wonder how many people look at me and think, "she's just pudgy." But, it doesn't matter because Jason thinks I'm beautiful, so I'll accept his opinion.

Our next appointment is the second week of June. I think we are decided that the gender of baby will be a surprise. The next big task will be working on our name list.

So that is the question of the week:
Suggest some names (boy or girl) for baby Straub!


PogosMother said...

girl -> Elayne (Ellie, Laney), Lorin (Lorie), Samantha (Sam, Sammie), Christina (Christy)
boy -> Piedmont (Pidey), Mortimer (Mort, Morty), Xavier (X), Chester, Sue, Stephen, Carl, Neil

Need more? Just ask!

The Bailey's said...

just wait 4 more weeks and if you're like me there will be no mistaking you're pregnant and not pudgy! lol

Jason and Michelle said...

Name suggestion

As per our friend Susanne:

Neveah (Heaven backwards)

And our second boy choice

Zerubabul (sp?) – just kidding on that one!

We love your sense of humor too! (M&J)

Matt said...

I am thinking Ronald if it is a boy and Reagan if it is a girl