Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 2 in Arlington

We took a trip to IKEA in Frisco. We had lots of fun! Started with lunch in the restaurant, then through some of the showrooms, then the market place for some shopping!

Of course the food was yummy! ( Look familiar? It's because you've seen it HERE.)

(Except I can't get the cake at home, sadly.)

You have to understand that Aery has tended to find EVERY pair of scissors in their house and cut her hair at one time or another and another. She was so excited to see an entire bin of scissors!!

Shopping at IKEA is hard work! All passed out!

This is how the evening ended up, nice and relaxed.

More photos to come later!

1 comment:

The Bailey's said...

okay seriously...Aery looks EVIL with that bin of scissors!

And Lizzy looks so grown up in the last picture!