Sunday, March 14, 2010

Evalyn's First Air Show

My Uncle Bubbles, AKA Randy, came down to Brownsville for the Air Fiesta. (He's with the FAA) So when Evalyn and I were working the MOPS tent, it's a changing/nursing station for moms, he stopped by to say hello!

As you can see she loves my dad, Poppie! (In marroon.)

Jason's favorite plane.

Just before Uncle Bubbles had to leave to drive back to San Antonio. We were hanging out at Jason's National Weather Service Booth. (Evalyn's a little tired...hence the yawn...she crashed on the way to my parents and then again at church that evening.)

Helping Dad pass out coloring books, and weather info. (FYI- That's a weather balloon laying on the table, when blown up for launch it is at least as tall as Jason.)

We go again this afternoon, will try to get some more photos. (Of planes and stuff!)
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