Thursday, March 12, 2009

No, we haven't dropped off the planet ...

I know a few people have been wondering where all my posts have gone these past few weeks. We've been busy, and sorry, the blog isn't at the top of the list of things to keep up to date. I'll work on that.

Jason has been busy with work and Men's Ministry. I've been busy getting a new women's Bible Study set up on Tuesday mornings for our church. It is a great group of ladies, about 26 have committed to coming each Tuesday for 8 weeks. We are doing a Focus on The Family study, Women of Worth. We've only had 2 meetings so far, but they have both been awesome! In between I've been doing the administrative side of it with attendance lists, who's at which table, and money for the books coming in. Our Financial Peace University class we co-lead is going very well too. MOPS has been busy for me too. We've had new moms come, so I have new babies and toddlers to play with. Our group had a booth at the Sombrero Festival that takes place each year during Charro Days, we set up a changing and nursing station for any moms that needed to change diapers or nurse their child while the festival was going. We had quite a few come in, including dads, that were very surprised to have such a great amenity available to them. My friend Becky and I took a two hour shift on Saturday afternoon. Luckily we go there just early enough to watch the Jalapeno eating contest before our time began. I was excited to see it because one of the guys from our church was the champion 2 years ago! He came in 2nd this time (his brother was 3rd). I think he ate 35 this time? I don't remember the exact number, I just know that it was way too many!! And it was only 2nd place! We were able to see lots of people we know and enjoy some good music. Maybe next time I'll take one of the 10 pm - 12:30 am shifts so I can enjoy the live concert. This year was Tracy Lawerence.

That is about what we have been up to. Today is a nice CHILLY day, it's about 53 out there. We're going to enjoy this nice cold snap since it may be the last one before temperatures start going up and staying up. On Sunday I will be watching Isaiah while Alex & Becky go run a half marathon in Harlingen. Then it's Spring Break down here! We're looking forward to the end of March when we drive up to San Antonio to stay with my cousin Erin & her husband Brian before we fly out to Washington for our week with Brian and Emily. We'll be doing a road trip over into Oregon so they can see their parents and we'll stop and see Jason's parents too. (Jason's live in between Brian and Emily's so it is perfect!) We'll drive the coast and hopefully make it up to Tillamook for some yummy cheese, yogurt, and ice cream.

That about sums up what is going on for us these past few weeks. Life... just moving along like it does for everyone else.

Anyone else have plans for their Spring Break week?

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