Friday, October 17, 2008

Trying New Things

Nothing big has jumped into my mind today that I should write about. So I figured I should should share one of the new recipes I tried a couple weeks ago.

As many know, I like to watch the Rachael Ray Show in the morning. One day she made what looked to be quite yummy oven fries, but from parsnips. I've never cooked with parsnips before, so I thought it would be fun. Plus, I like to make new things Jason has never eaten before either to see if I can make them again or if it was a bad thing. And believe me, I have made a few bad things before!

So off to the store I went with the recipe and found all the ingredients. (FYI, parsnips are over by the carrots in our grocery store, and they only have 1 brand to choose from.) I went ahead and picked up the ingredients to make the chicken dish she did also, even though it didn't quite inspire me. I have to admit, trying to find an orange marmalade that doesn't have corn syrup in it and doesn't cost and arm & a leg! Really, paying over $6.25 for about 6 oz. of orange marmalade?! And that wasn't the one from France!!!

I got home and started to work on dinner. It went along pretty smoothly until I had to coat each and every parsnip in seasoned flour, egg, then the parmesean-pecan breadcrumb mixture. I was getting way too messy and nothing was sticking to the parsnip. So I switched to a baggie and did the shake-n-bake thing. That went SO much faster.

But, in the end, all of the hard work was sooo worth it! The oven fries are addictive!! I'm glad I made 2 lbs of them for dinner and meals the next day! I wish you could smell how yummy the chicken was and taste the fries, but I guess the photo will just have to suffice until you try to make it yourself!

Link to recipes:

Chicken is here.
Oven fries is here.

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