Sunday, October 26, 2008

There's a First Time for Everything

I am happy to say I tried cooking something that I had been a little afraid to before, I baked salmon! I know that isn't that scary to some people, but for me, fish has been the one thing I have never cooked before. I was afraid I either would over or under cook it and it wouldn't be good.

Saturday evening we went to HEB and I told Jason to pick out something from the beef section for me to make for him before we go out of town and are stuck eating out for a week. He didn't really see anything he liked, so I asked him about the fish/seafood counter. He liked the salmon, and it was pretty inexpensive, at least I think so. Just under $6 for almost one pound, which was more than enough for us. (Think of adding 2 more pieces about the size of the one in the pictures and that is how big it was!)

I looked online for a marinade to use for it and found a very yummy one. I also made 2 other new veggie side dishes to go with it, carrots in a brown sugar/pineapple glaze and zucchini ripieni. The hardest thing to cook was the zucchini!

This is where you can find the recipes in case you want to try them.

Salmon: Here
I used fresh ginger rather than the spice.
Carrots: Here
It doesn't say how much sugar, so add however much you want.
Zucchini: Here

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