Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Talents

Well, today has consisted of finalizing a new talent. I have never done it before and I wanted to try my best at something new. My mom, sister, and many friends know how to do it, even Jason knows how to do it! I could not believe that I had not tried it before . It's not that hard, and it is kind of fun. Only one hand hurts instead of both do when learning something new. I decided I should try it out and see if I could add to my repertoire of new talents I have taught myself. You are probably wondering, "What on earth has she learned?" Well, I have learned to cross stitch!

I figured if I had to teach myself how to do it I should start with something easy. So I did the smart thing, I bought a kid's craft from the craft store and started working on it. As I was looking through the different projects I came across one that I thought would be really nice for my future nephew that will be born at the end of the year. (Plus, I knew I had to the end of the year in case I got frustrated with learning something new.) I am happy to say that it only took me a couple hours last week and about 5 hours today to finish it. It took 5 hours today because the Survivor season premiere was on and of course I had to watch that at the same time. I only poked myself once with the needle and it was in the last 20 minutes, my eyes are very tired now.

I am sharing with all of you my latest project. Meet- Froggie, he was made with love for my nephew. Now I just have to find a frame for him so it can go in his nursery. Sorry Cheyanne, this kind of ruins the surprise.
This is before I cut it out.

It actually looks like the photo!

I even remembered to put my initials and the year on it!

Also included is a photo of the baby blanket I knit for Isaiah Pyke.
Luckily I was able to finish that before he was born too!

Now it's time to finish the projects for my niece that will be born end of October/ beginning of November. But first, I will rest my eyes and hands for the night.

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Darlene said...

Looks great!! Thanks for sharing! =)