Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Joys of a Weather Service Wife

The last week has been in constant flux for Jason's schedule. He had evening shifts (2pm - 10 pm) for most of last week which is fine since that was his regular schedule, but come the end of the week to his 3-day weekend off the calls started coming in. Toward the middle of the week it was "can you take an overtime (OT) for Friday midnight (10 pm- 6 am Sat.)?" Sorry, no it is his birthday weekend, and we try not to have either of us working on our birthdays. No problem there. Then Friday night, phone call again, "can you take Saturday day shift (6 am - 2 pm)?" No, sorry, unavailable. Now, I've never really known it to be this bad, but with illness traveling through the office I can understand.

I was already feeling guilty enough that for his birthday weekend we were home and not traveling, although we were house sitting and Jason got a thrill out of Blu-Ray dvd player, big screen tv, and surround sound. Our friend's had their first child on Friday, so on his birthday we got to visit them in the hospital and help set up what they needed at home for meals when they went home that evening.

Fast forward to Tuesday evening, phone call, "we need you to come in early for your day shift tomorrow." This one is totally understandable because a coworker's wife was very ill. So our late afternoon became: quick trip to drop off extra sheets for friend's family coming in, then back home and to bed at 6 pm so he could get up at 2 am to be at work by 3 am. So instead of getting to snuggle on sofa and watch House together, I got to sit in the living room until I realized we had no food in the house for Jason's meals at work, so off to Sam's quick, then home to cook the pizza and get it ready for him to take to work. And of course since I didn't have to be up early the next morning, I stayed up way too late watching online movies on Netflix.

Luckily I just got the call that Jason gets to come home right now instead of working all the way until 2 pm. So it's off to make Jason a smoothie to help tide him over until "dinner time" since his "lunch" was at 8 am!

The joys of being a weather service wife, trying to keep up with an influx schedule and yet live on "real world" time too.


PogosMother said...

You certainly are busy for someone who doesn't have a job. Aren't you glad your husband is your "job?"

Darlene said...

I got tired just reading your post! ;-) I don't see how you do all that you do, and always with a smile!

Jason & Michelle said...

Thanks Darlene! I try to do it with a smile, but it doesn't always happen. Luckily you haven't seen that side!

Pogosmother- My job is to be a good wife, and hopefully I'm accomplishing that. I'm very thankful I can stay home and take care of what needs to be done for him and my other friends and family.