Monday, September 10, 2012

Pinterest Tested and..

APRROVED!  I saw a pin over on Pinterest about a cleaner for the tub/shower that you spray on, leave for an hour, and then pretty much just wipe it down.  I read thru The Craft Patch's post and thought that if it worked for her, maybe it would work for me.

What you need:
1- dirty/filthy tub/shower
1 - dollar store spray bottle
Dawn Dishsoap, Original, Blue one

So I "let" our tub get dirty enough so it would show a difference...ok, I didn't clean it waiting to do this post and also because we were busy house/dog sitting so my housekeeping at home goes downhill when that happens.  I bought the vinegar and orginal, blue Dawn Soap at the grocery store and the spray bottle from the Dollar Tree.  I measured out 1 cup of vinegar and warmed it in the microwave in a glass measuring cup for 40 seconds. I poured it into the bottle, checked the measurement and then added the Dawn Soap to make it a 1:1 ratio.  I heated the vinegar because that seems to make it work best from reading different posts.  Shook it all up and then got to spraying.  I did a half spray test so I could really see how well it worked.

How the tub looked prior to spraying: (No judging!)

Once it was sprayed on the far side.

It sat for an hour then I turned on the warm water and used a wash cloth to WIPE it away. WOW! The grime really did just wipe right off!

A couple of shots of how it looked after wiping it all down. (I could really see a difference in the plastic bar on the wall.  I can see why you could use this for your plastic shower curtains too!)

See how shiny the sprayed/cleaned side is!

I took a few photos then quickly sprayed down the other side. I think I'll give it about a half-hour and then see how well it wipes up. 

Notes:  It does have a strong smell for the vinegar/soap, but I just turned the vent on while it sat.  I noticed that once I got it all rinsed most of the smell dissipated.  However, I would still much rather have vinegar fumes to smell then the chemical ones from manufactured cleaners.

So over all, YES, I recommend this as a legit pin and will be using it in the future and sharing it with friends/family.

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