Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bun in the Oven

Nooo...not that kind of bun in the oven! :-D

I have really been enjoying making homemade bread. (Even if it's in the bread machine. But that is a different post.)

But what we really like is our No Wait to Rise Bread. I found the recipe here at Crafty Kin's blog and have really loved the simplicity and it turns out wonderful each time!

I make the recipe in full usually and split it into smaller buns and also 1 LARGE round loaf or 2 smaller ones. Next time, I'm going to try with some whole wheat flour, instead of just regular unbleached, all-purpose flour.

Here's a few pictures to tempt you.....wish you could smell the house when these are baking....mmmm!

Round 1 - March 6th
Only 2 of the probably 8-10 buns I made first time around. The rest were yummy! Ask Jason....

2 smaller round loaves Close up of one of the loaves.

Round 2 - April 6th

This is the my large round stone that is 15" across.
It's probably almost 3" tall.

And this is how they came to be.

That's E working on her heart shaped bun you see in the above picture.

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