Thursday, September 9, 2010


Sorry everyone....I'm very behind because my laptop seems to have a DNR on file that we don't know about. :('ll have to make do with whatever photos I have been able to pull off of the video camera for now.
The picture quality is not great, but at least here's some "updated" photos of Evie!

If/when I find my charger for the battery on my regular camera I will pull off of there also. Technology is just not our friend right now!

These were taken at a MOPS Playdate at the Brownsville Children's Museum.

She loves to crawl around and explore and then winds up passing out before we leave the parking lot!!

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Tasha said...

HI! To answer your question... Yes, you iron on the frezzer paper, there is a plastic like side and a paper side. The plasticy side sticks onto your fabric after you iron, so you don't have to use pins to hold down a pattern! Then it just peels right off when you are done with it! Hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by! If you have any other questions let me know!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, Cute blog... your little on is sooo cute... Wanted to jump over and answer a question you left on my blog.

December Daily is a project that does on her blog. Basically you document something each day during the month of december. It is kind of a scrapbook project but can also just be done with journaling.

Here is a link to check out her blogs on the projects. I've always wanted to do it but never have gotten around to it. This is my year!

Smiles, Deena Be Creative