Monday, June 28, 2010


We are preparing for Tropical Storm Alex, probably Hurricane Alex by the time it gets here. Jason is currently in Biloxi, MS for an Inundation GIS Conference and could be sent over to Lake Charles, LA for back-up of the Brownsville WFO. For now I have stocked up on what is needed for Evalyn and myself, yes I had to give in and actually purchase baby food. Jason will let me know if he feels like we should leave and head to San Antonio or Houston area...or somewhere in between..College Station.

We will probably go stay with my parents and sister and her kids. My dad has a generator if we needed it like we did during Dolly 2 years ago. Not to mention the gas grill.

We ask for prayers not necessarily for us, but for the people that don't have everything available to them that we do during the storm. Also pray for Jason that he has peace of mind while working and not to worry about us.

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