Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Go Green!

Evalyn's first food choice was avocado. Since she has been nursed exclusively for the first 6 months we are starting her into regular foods right away, no blah rice cereal. (No offense to anyone that chooses rice as first foods. We're just doing it our way.) Avocado also had lots of healthy oils and calories to it, and it's oh so yummy...even if Jason abhors it. :-) So I mashed up about half a tablespoon and mixed in some mommy milk to make it runny, since she's never had any food in her mouth, don't want her choking on it...and we got down to business.

That girl was going to eat the spoon and my hand with it on the first bite! She dove right in and LOVED it! She ate everything I prepared and then even licked the bowl some. She loved cleanup, until right at the end when she realized there would be no more, then she got mad. Hehehe
Here's a few pictures of this fun time. (Video should be up on youtube soon.)

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