Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Family Gathering

Here's a few photos from our family get together in San Antonio the weekend of September 12-13th.

Poppy (my dad) and Cameron watching NASCAR

My mom and cousin Pierce chatting

Cheyanne & Cameron chatting with Uncle Charlie (my dad's brother).

Cameron eating his "puffs"

Lizette, Erin, Cheyanne, Clint, and Jeff (cousin)

Aunt Peggi feeding her grandson and my niece Aery checking out his teeny, but LONG feet.

Jason resting his back while Cameron and Pierce (P3) play.

Belly picture with my sister.

Lizzy messing around with Marmie's shirt.

My mom wanted to take Cameron home, so he is "hidden" from sight.

(He's behind suitcase w/ just legs sticking out.)

My dad and Cameron hanging out waiting for everyone to be ready to leave to drive back home.

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