Saturday, October 17, 2009

Setting Up for Baby

Besides the usual question of, "how are you feeling?" I get, "are you all set and ready for the baby?" The short and easy answer is "Yes!" We have a place for baby to sleep and a place to change diapers. Babies really don't need more than that for the first few weeks. I guess that is another blessing for having helped with a lot of other families and seen how little you really need for the basics. Don't get me wrong, I think it is great for those that need to set up an entire room for baby, but sometimes it just doesn't get used for the first few months anyway.

Here is the cradle we will be using. This cradle my parent's bought for me, when I was going to be born, and stained it themselves. It is nice to be able to use it for our child now and any future ones we have. We have it set up in our bedroom close to my side of the bed.

This is the changing area set up on Jason's side of the room since we had space there. The top drawer in the chest to the right has all of our gDiapers covers/liners, cloth inserts, and cloth wipes. The drawers underneath have the disposables that have been given to use for the first couple weeks while we wait for baby to be able to use the gDiapers and bath and misc. supplies.

Blankets, swaddlers, burp cloths, and cradle sheets are all underneath in the baskets.

Right now baby's clothes are in my childhood dresser that has already been moved into what will become baby's room when we order/receive the crib. Hanging clothes are in my closet since it has plenty of spare room for them.

The one thing Jason wanted to have done before due date was install the car seat base. So Thursday evening we did that. It was his first time to do this and was quite fun to watch.

Now how do I get the seat off the base again?

Where are the LATCH buckles on here? (FYI, I had "stored" them where they were supposed to go so they were out of the way.)

This is easy! Snap on and good to go!

Now to get it nice and TIGHT! (I wound up kneeling on it and he tightened the straps, that sucker doesn't budge at all now!)

Snap in the seat.

Position handle to the back like it is supposed to be. We're ready to go!

Now we're just waiting on baby! Come soon baby Straub, everyone is so excited to meet you! Especially your mommy and daddy!!

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PogosMother said...

Love the green bear "baby"! Thanks, this was fun to read.